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1. PLANS FOR THE PREVENTION AND SPILL OIL (OSR Plan), agreed and approved by regulation order
Plan for the Prevention and Elimination of oil spills (Plan OSR) is developed for organizations engaged in exploration, extraction of oil, as well as the processing, transportation and storage of oil and oil products. The document defines the measures and actions necessary for the prevention, timely detection and mitigation of possible emergency situations related to the oil spill, the protection of the working staff, residents of nearby communities and the environment.

2. Drafting and negotiation of documentation for the scholarship (PLANS TRAINING EXERCISE)
In accordance with Clause. 8 "General requirements for the development of plans for the prevention and elimination of emergency oil spills" (approved. RF Government Decree of 21 August 2000, N 613) for the purpose of working out plans for the prevention and elimination of oil spills on federal and regional levels are conducted comprehensive exercises.