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1. Localization and liquidation of emergency oil spills
The set of measures to prevent the spread of the oil slick in the waters  or of either the earth's surface with its subsequent elimination in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Main regulations:
  • Federal Law № 151-FZ of 22.08.1995 " About  emergency rescue services  and rescuers status";
  • Federal Law № 116-FZ of 21.07.1997 "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities";
  • Russian Federation Government Resolution № 240 of 15.04.2002 "On the procedure for organizing the activities for the prevention and elimination of oil spills in the Russian Federation";
  • Russian Federation Government Resolution № 2366 of 30.12.2020 "On urgent measures for the prevention and liquidation of emergency oil spills."

2. Carrying rescue preparedness at hazardous production facilities
Emergency rescue readiness - the state of emergency rescue formation, characterized by a degree of conformity of forces and means belonging to the formation,corresponding the requirements to respond to oil spills and oil products in the area of responsibility formation.

Emergency rescue formation LLC "EcoService" renders services to incur rescue preparedness on hazardous production facilities, or remotely in in place of dislocation of formation.